475 apartments, parking garage, offices, commercial space, roof garden, panorama deck.

Design Team

Dam & Partners Architecten, Kaan Architecten, Zonneveld Ingenieurs, Techniplan Adviseurs, Peutz, IGG Bointon de Groot

Cooperation between

Amvest en AM


2018 - 2020

Realization Manager

S.E. Ouwerkerk MSc


De Zalmhaven, Rotterdam

Located on the Gedempte Zalmhaven, where a new park will be realised, and the Houtlaan, the Zalmhaven consists of a high residential tower and two adjacent, lower, slender towers. The tall tower is designed by Dam & Partners Architecten, KAAN Architecten is in charge of the adjacent apartments.

At the foot of the Erasmus bridge, the Zalmhaven visually connects the high-rises of the Kop van Zuid district with those of the city centre, and increases the presence of the skyline on the river's north bank.

Light tones of stone, white accents and glass corners give the Dam tower its warm appearance. In scale and rhythm the tower matches both the nearby historic Veerhaven area and the much larger high city. Long lines are formed on all sides by balconies next to high windows. This results in an omnidirectional tower, accentuating its verticality and thus its slenderness. All apartments, including the highest penthouses, have high quality balconies, sometimes two per apartment.

The tower's compact functional core, with elevators, staircases and mechanical spaces, allows for a wide variety of apartment types in the floor plan. Apartment types and locations are flexible up until a late phase.

Just as in the archetypal residential towers of Chicago and New York, the Zalmhaven experience starts with the reception in the lobby. Residents and visitors are greeted by the doorman or woman and can pass through the semi-public podium during the day. The podium accommodates a restaurant and bar, small retail stores and a gym. The skyline concourse, a publicly accessible platform with panoramic views, is high up in the tower's crown. One floor below the panorama bar offers wide views. In this way the tower consciously gives its top back to the city.

Its characteristic spire brings the tower up to 215 metres, and with functional floors up to 190 metres, it is the Netherlands' tallest building.

The Kaan towers of 70m are shifted and each sprout from a solid plinth with parking, offering astounding views over the river and highlighting the access to this part of the complex.Combining both urban and local scales, the complex presents a more stately and formal façade overlooking the city in the North side, while meandering balconies characterize the South front, introducing a more private and intimate dimension. A transparant grid façade relates to the traditional surroundings and binds the various elements of the block together in a unique and recognisable system. The towers include a wide range of apartments in different sizes, while the plinth comprises of units with rooftop gardens or directly relating to the surroundings on the ground level.